We are Chargeback Analyst

We don't just prevent and fight chargebacks.
We create air-tight processes to identify and fix the root causes of your chargebacks.We work hard to protect your business so you can spend your growing It.Below is a summary of our core services

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Preventing Chargeback Alerts

We set up chargeback prevention alerts by partnering with merchant banks.

  1. Eliminate more chargebacks and reduce chargeback ratios.
  2. Resolve disputes proactively and improve the customer experience.
  3. Issue more refunds to promote higher card issuer acceptance.
  4. Keep merchant accounts active and process more volume.
  5. Customer Dispute Alerts gives you advance notification of disputes befor they turn into chargebecks.
  6. A complete system that combines both prevention and chargeback into a single holistic platform.
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Fighting Chargeback

We will fight your chargebacks on time and provide a real-time tracker to manage your chargebacks and monitor your recovered revenue

  1. Eight illegitimately filed chargeback.
  2. Strategic chargeback dispute packets provide the highest possible vain rates, as high as 8S of disputes.
  3. Effectuate change through progressive and tactical strategies that help you achieve long term sustainability.
  4. Provides daily reports for an unlimited number of MIDs, campaigns, and descriptors. Real time statistics help predict trends identify chargeback percentages and track relevant data.
  5. Lower thresholds and work to create financial sustainability between merchants, their processors.
  6. Complete paperless environment that digitizes and integrates all chargeback notices and dispute documentation.

Merchant Account Management

We provide assistance with managing accounts and compiling daily reports.

Daily Reconciliation

Daily reconciliation of your merchant accounts.

Daily Report

A daily report showing you all merchant account activity.

Reserve Funds

Daily reconciliation of your merchant accounts.

Investigating Discrepancy

Investigating any discrepancy in balances and working with your processors directly.

Powerful Options

Take complete control of your website using a powerful yet simple to use system, a rare combination.

Great Support

Lower thresholds and work to create financial sustainability between merchants, their processers.

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Fraud Detection

We can provide a platform that helps merchants approve more orders, uncover new revenue streams.

  1. Analyze hundreds of variables associated with each transaction to detect fraud and risky behaviour before losses like chargebacks occur.
  2. Develop and manage a customized fraud strategy that processes transactions based upon your specific business rules for risk.
  3. Complete fraud screening on every transaction which analyzes variables and creates a fraud risk score. Using this score, the system assesses variable data and merchant rules to approve, decline or forward a transaction for further review in real-time (for example: an individual's device id is cross-checked with IP address, accounts password, e-mail and users to determine how many times the device was used in a login attempt, there by generating a cross-check matrix of behaviour.)


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